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New instruments – I build stringed instruments modelled mainly on the Italian masterpieces of the 17th and 18th centuries. I do not strive for an exact replica or imitation, rather the original instruments serve as a source of inspiration for my own creative work. Thus every instrument is created individually by hand and built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and sound quality. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a new instrument.

Restoration – Preserving the integrity of the original instrument stands at the centre of restoration. The playability of an instrument can be in conflict with this at times. The goal of instrument restoration is to achieve the best possible sound quality while keeping the instrument as original as possible. My approach is to combine established traditional techniques as well as proven modern ones. This detailed work is something I love to do.

Maintenance – All instruments require regular maintenance by a qualifed violin maker. This is important not only for maintaining the value of the instrument, but also for ensuring the best sound quality. One of the preventive measures in addition to the cleaning and planing of the fingerboard is to touch up the varnish on heavily-used parts of the instrument to protect the wood.

Tonal adjustments – If you are unhappy with the sound of your instrument, an adjustment or replacement of the bridge, soundpost, tailpiece, tailgut, strings, fingerboard or pegs may be indicated. In rare circumstances it might be necessary to make a new bass bar. Often only minor adjustments are necessary for your instrument to sound its best again.

Repair – Any damage to your instrument will be competently assessed and professionally repaired. Every repair will be undertaken with the best possible outcome in mind and with the use of all available techniques and care.

Bow rehair and repair – I use only the best quality horsehair for the bows. The pre-selected hair is carefully hand-chosen. With every bow rehair all the wooden plugs will be replaced, all parts of the bow will be cleaned and, if necessary, sealed with a protective coat of varnish. If too worn, the leather grip or silver winding may have to be replaced.

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